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Prong maintenance

Prong-set gemstones and diamonds need to be inspected every 8-12 months for worn down prongs, missing prongs, and/or misaligned prongs.  If the prongs are worn down, not straight or missing; the risk of losing your gemstone or diamond is very high.  Replacing or re-tipping prongs is much more cost effective than replacing the stone.

We can rebuild and re-tip prongs, tighten and align prongs securely if loose, and /or give you an estimate as to when you will need to re-tip.  This is a common jewelry repair and usually takes about a week to process the order.  If the prong needs re-tipping prices start at $25 for sterling silver (each prong) and $35 for 14kt white or yellow gold(each prong).

If you keep your prongs re-tipped, as needed, this will avoid the prong from having to be completely rebuilt or replaced.  The stone has to be removed and then re-set when replacing or rebuilding prong-set jewelry resulting in higher labor costs.

Rhodium plating

White gold is pure gold, alloyed with palladium or nickel. To improve its brightness and luster, white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium.  Rhodium is a metal that has qualities similar to platinum, because of its hardness and brightness. Plating jewelry with rhodium helps protect the white gold from becoming less bright or slightly yellow.  The process of the rhodium plating wearing down depends on how hard it’s worn, exposures and body chemistry. To keep your jewelry shining bright & full of luster, especially engagement bands and wedding rings that are worn every day, have them re-rhodium plated every 12-18 months. Prices start at $95 for a ladies engagement or wedding band, and can vary depending on jewelry type. Turn-around time is 5-7 business days and rush orders are available.

Basic cleaning

It is important to keep your jewelry clean and well taken care of.  A professional cleaning will be needed every 6 months on jewelry worn every day. Damage could be a result if not cleaned regularly; such as tangled chains, scratched stones (from dirt, sand, etc.), loose stones, cracked stones, tarnish and other minor to major problems. Stones can be very soft and fragile and need to be handled properly, for at home cleaning (in between professional cleanings) it is best to use a polish cloth only to prevent damaging any soft stones that may be sensitive to certain cleaning products.

Cleaning your jewelry is the best way to maintain its original quality, when a piece of jewelry is cleaned it is then inspected for any repairs needed for now or in the near future to and keep your jewelry looking new and sparkly.

Basic cleaning and free inspections are $10.00 per item.  Bring in 3 or more items and get a basic cleaning and free inspection for $8.00 per item. Same-day cleaning service on most orders. Polish cloths are available for sale Large- $8.00 Small $3.00.

Ring Sizing

Make sure your rings fit well.  If the ring is too tight it can hurt the finger, get stuck on and can get damaged getting it off the finger due to force or a professional ring removal.  A professional ring removal can be done by our jeweler for a minimum of $50.00.  The ring band is cut while on the finger, creating an opening for removal.  Ring will then need to be sized, repaired, and soldered back together.   If your ring feels too tight, get it sized up.  We will size your finger and and give you a free estimate for costs and turn around time.  Prices start at 35.00 for Sterling silver rings and 45.00 for gold.

If your ring is too loose, it can slip off your finger and get lost, the ring bumps and rolls around on the finger causing chipped stones and scratches on metal and damage to prongs.  Have your ring sized down, prices start at 25.oo for sterling silver and 35.00 in gold.  If you want to have a temporally sized down, we have ring guards that can be fitted to a ring, giving it an adjustable fit.  The ring guard can be removed and installed on the ring with no harm to the ring.  Prices starts at 5.00.

Custom made 14kt white gold wedding band and engagement ring set

Custom made 14kt white gold wedding band and engagement ring set

Custom made wedding ringCustom-made wedding band

Custom-made wedding ring

Custom made wedding ringCustom-made wedding ring